• Torus

A future renewable energy project not relying on the grid.

Torus Project provides various support and opportunities to people who can not obtain enough energy and develop energy technology.


July5 / 2018
Publish image movie of smart outlet, special application (both prototype)
Jun14 / 2018
Demonstration experiment started in Karatsu city, Imari city, Arita city, Takeo city (Saga Prefecture)
May12 / 2018
Participated in the Kyushu Sharing Summit 2018
April20 / 2018
Start selection of candidate sites for field trials
March18 / 2018
Start development of torus charge prototype
March31 / 2018
First Phase Cloud Sales End
March16 / 2018
First Phase Cloud Sales Start

About coin distribution

  • On the application of funds
  • On the distribution of tokens



  • Application to buy and sell electricity by tap with your mobile phone.
  • We will manage electricity generation / consumption amount and sales / purchase on one screen.
  • We will increase the distribution volume by using Toruscoin for sale.
  • You can also predict the amount of power generation from the weather forecast for one week, and you can also predict sales power in advance.
  • Automatically match electric seller and buyer using block chain technology.


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  • Tatsuki Nambara
  • A rare successive entrepreneur boasting a high degree of publicity as the founder member of " ¥ Money tiger ", the Japanese version of "Shark Tank" for popular television programs in the United States.
  • In March 2005, due to the bankruptcy of MG Rover in the UK, we also showed brilliant revival even with a lot of debt.
  • He is running five companies today in various fields from rent-a-car, food business, to publishing industry.
  • Masayuki Kawasaki
  • System manager
  • In the previous job, he was involved in the development of oxygen vmanagement for energy systems by major steel manufacturers for ten years. After that, He experienced the network construction of a major power company.
  • He jointly developed a server client type system in the age of the modem, and shared all the stock vehicles between each branch. It also sells its system as a customer management system "KURUMAYASAN ".
  • Hiroaki Murayama
  • System team leader
  • He is seconded to a major company and is engaged in product development for businesses for a long time.
  • As a little unusual issue, I also participated in the development work on the Super computer "Kei".
  • After that, he was involved in a wide range of development, including a nurse dispatch system and rental car reservation system. Familiar with a wide range of fields from Super computer to smart phone app.
  • Masaharu Nakagawa
  • Graphic team leader
  • As a music and video producer, He work as an artist and a major artist in the PV production. In charge of planning and production of TV programs.
  • It produces many popular programs.
  • He is also a multi-designer with web design and 3d design. Beside that, he also demonstrated his talents as a Afriator.