• Torus

A future renewable energy project not relying on the grid.

Torus Project provides various support and opportunities to people who can not obtain enough energy and develop energy technology.


Annoucemnt about our project schedule
Although we could obtain initial fund from our ICO held in March 2018, the amount was not enough for several developments including Smart Electric Outlet for electric vehicles we thought initially. It resulted in the delay of the developments for a while in 2018.
Fortunately, we could find another supporter in China in late 2018. Since then we have been talking with them about the co-development with some electric vehicle organization in China. However, although we have continued talks to seek a mutual landing point, we have not reached a final agreement because of the recent setback of the sales of electric vehicle in China.
Therefore, we have decided to move other schedules in our initial roadmap by 1-2 years.


May19 / 2019
Since the year of Whitepaper was different, we corrected it. Thank you to the Japanese supporters for pointing it out.
May13 / 2019
We have uploaded a modified version (ver.1.2.8) of the white paper to match it with the current progress.
We have added some renewable energy-related activities in the first stage of our project.
July5 / 2018
Publish image movie of smart outlet, special application (both prototype)
Jun14 / 2018
Demonstration experiment started in Karatsu city, Imari city, Arita city, Takeo city (Saga Prefecture)
May12 / 2018
Participated in the Kyushu Sharing Summit 2018
April20 / 2018
Start selection of candidate sites for field trials
March18 / 2018
Start development of torus charge prototype
March31 / 2018
First Phase Cloud Sales End
March16 / 2018
First Phase Cloud Sales Start

About coin distribution

  • On the application of funds
  • On the distribution of tokens



  • Application to buy and sell electricity by tap with your mobile phone.
  • We will manage electricity generation / consumption amount and sales / purchase on one screen.
  • We will increase the distribution volume by using Toruscoin for sale.
  • You can also predict the amount of power generation from the weather forecast for one week, and you can also predict sales power in advance.
  • Automatically match electric seller and buyer using block chain technology.


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